Panasonic Reveals Robo-fridge comes to you when you call it

Panasonic showed the futuristic fridge today, on its ‘Better Living Tomorrow’ stand. The simple white fridge responds to voice commands, such as ‘Come to the living room’, or ‘Go to the kitchen table.’

It then navigates its way to your chosen destination autonomously.

The device learns the layout of the kitchen, but can also respond to unexpected items in its path.

The device is linked to a database that provides details about every bottle of in your Panasonic fridge.

It can then offer up suggestions about the best food to go with your beverage.

It also responds to voice commands and moves around the house to deliver your food and beverages.

A spokesperson for Panasonic told MailOnline: ‘The fridge can see things up to 15 centimetres (6 inches) ahead of it.

‘So you wouldn’t need to worry about it bumping into your children or pets.’

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