AI Jacket powers You with weather

A silicon valley startup has developed an AI jacket with slits that automatically open or close to adjust your body temperature.

The slits on the jacket help make it more breathable if, for example, you’re skiing or just feeling hot on a stuffy train car during your commute.

The slits are on the front and back of the jacket and can be operated manually – with the AI eventually learning your temperature preference and adjusting the slits automatically.

Article From DailyMail

Outerwear companies and startups have long experimented with using battery powered heat to create warmer winter garments. Startup Omius believes there’s a more efficient way to use that battery power in regulating personal temperature, addressing a problem that often plagues winter jackets: breathability. The company is creating a jacket that uses artificial intelligence and robotics to automatically adjust your personal temperature during changing weather and activity levels. This might just be the smartest (and eeriest) jacket you’ve ever seen.


Article by NewAtlas